Amazon founder Jeff Bezos employed
rules and principles to make the company successful that are revealed in a new book, “Flywheels: How Cities Are Creating Their Own Futures.”

November 22–23 for the Certified Process Professional

(1 or 2 day options)

Review the details:

You may have seen the recent posts discussing the difference between inside-out (industrial era) and Outside-In (Customer Age) thinking and practice. At the heart of the difference is the contrast between Outputs and Outcomes.

The BP Groups 30th Annual Survey focuses specifically on developing challenges facing the adoption of Customer Experience and Customer-Centric practices.

The survey contributors are senior people Accredited in Customer Experience for a minimum of two years and the questions asked through 2020 and 2021 (during the pandemic).

The Five CX Challenges (and Next Practices)

This week we ask the question “Does Your Organisation Understand It’s Customers?”

Do you want to embrace advanced Customer-Centric thinking and become Outside-In?

Do you want to embrace advanced Customer Centric thinking and become Outside-In?

Disruption Rules…
For more than eleven decades, Gillette ruled the world of shaving. In 2010 it had a 70% market share, now today (2021) it is around 54%. The emergent market leaders are a pair of start-ups, Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club.

Gillette’s market share is being cut…

New course offers Critical Training Organizations Need to Upskill Their Workforce and Gain an Edge in the New Normal


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